• 1.

    How to book a session in Bonsai photography studio?

    Contact us on these:



  • 2.

    How far in advance should I book my session?

    Depends of the time of the year and the Studio’s schedule! But usually a couple of days earlier will do.

  • 3.

    Does Bonsai photography studio charges entrance fees?


  • 4.

    Do you consider deposits for our session?

    Yes, some percent is determined, which covers a part of your purchase!

  • 5.

    How about discounts and samples?

    We always tried to keep our prices so reasonable and clean compared to our professional competitors. But instead, just to see that satisfied smile on your lovely faces we offer some little gifts.

  • 6.

    When and how will I get my images?

    depends on the season, between 10 to 30 days.

  • 7.

    Do you have a minimum purchase?

    Yes, at least 8 pics is required to book a session in our photography studio.

  • 8.

    How long a newborn session takes?

    You can totally leave it to us, because we treat each baby as his conditions and character. Just be right on time to prevent any possible waste of time

  • 9.

    What age is the best for a newborn photography?

    between 6 days to 1 month is considered the best time to capture your newborn’s aesthetic moments.

  • 10.

    Do you have a license?

    Yes, Bonsai photography studio is officially a member of Tehran’s photographers and cinematographers’ union.

  • 11.

    Where is Bonsai photography studio located?

    Bonsai photography studio is located in Tehranpars, eastern Tehran.

  • 12.

    Do you have all decorations and photo props needed for photo shooting?

    Of course - but if you like you can add sentimental props that bring out your baby’s personality. Like a teddy bear or a tiara or whatever that your baby is attached to.

  • 13.

    Are you the best newborn and maternity photography studio to be find in Tehran?

    No there’s about 5 other competitors which we do respect. And to be the best one is quite a personal preference. As the most honored and awarded newborn photography studio in Tehran, Bonsai has lots of International awards which you can check out on our resume here

  • 14.

    Can Bonsai photography be found in social media?

    Yes, click on the links below

  • 15.

    Does your website conclude all your services?

    Check the links below

  • 16.

    Do you have portfolios of your maternity photography on your website?

    According to the IRI law we do have to represent our samples only to women just in person. So if you tend to see our works you have to come visit in the studio.

  • 17.

    Where can I see your pricelist?

    Send the keyword “pricelist” to either our telegram ID or call us on:




  • 18.

    Do you own pregnancy wardrobe for maternity photography?

    Yes, after you booked your date, you would have a pre-session consultation, guiding you about your clothes.

  • 19.

    Will I get my Images files afterwards?

    Unfortunately not, according to the authors and composers law and also recent inquiries of Tehran’s photographers and cinematographers union, Image files are belonged to the studio.

  • 20.

    Does Bonsai photography studio keep our archived files?

    Yes, we keep your files as backups in case you want to reprint your images or make a photobook out of them. But if you tend to delete your files just let us know.

  • 21.

    Would you Photoshop backgrounds and change them into a garden or beach?

    No, our Images are simple artworks with minimal decorations, lighting and figure. You can watch our portfolio on the website.

  • 22.

    Are your photographers all women?

    Yes, except our management, all our staff including photographers editors and secretary are females.

    Totally there’s nothing to worry, we keep your secrecy under any circumstances.

  • 23.

    Is your studio warm enough for newborns in the cold season?

    Sure, all equipment’s for babies are provided to keep them warm cozy and comfortable.

  • 24.

    Do you take family photos?

    Yes, there’s no barrier.

  • 25.

    Do you have event photography?

    Yes, all kinds. We offer so many themes and decorations for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. totally all parties and special occasions.

  • 26.

    Do you keep your event themes all year long?

    Yes, but with our frequent changes its possible to have a different theme than previous events.

  • 27.

    Do you have cake samples for birthday photography?


  • 28.

    What’s a baby photo book?

    If you do a pregnancy photo shooting pre-birth and then book for a newborn session and months after that, you can make a photobook out of your baby’s first year.

    It certainly doesn’t bargain but definitely worthwhile!

  • 29.

    I want my child images smaller than your smallest size, than what?

    Our smallest print size is considered 13*18cm, if you wanted your images smaller than this you have it only with the same price.

  • 30.

    Do you do outdoor photography?

    Yes, of course! The prices you pay covers the fee for the consultation session, location , and also your Images !

    For more information on our pricelist and others contact us on our telegram ID or by following number