Kids Photography

Kids photography is referred to photographing kids over 1-year-old up to 7.

In fact, over 5months is the beginning of a baby’s journey. First smiles, first moment sitting down with help, first reactions to objects and things, mimics and expressions are the brilliant moments we try to collect particularly in details.

Bonsai photography studio specializing in child photography, newborn photography and maternity photography (pregnancy photography) is honored to be the most trusted and well known in eastern Tehran, based on its history and resume in recent years of its activity.

Kids photography studio Conditions 

First: Choosing the right clothing

Wardrobe should be well thought out as it impacts the feel of your image. So we’re proud to share our knowledge with you based on your personal taste and wardrobe. You just need to call for a pre-session consultation and our skilled photographers will counsel you depending of your kids age sex and your personal preference.

Second: Kids conditions and preparation

Our teammates will ask you questions about your child’s character, sleep time and moods. Just to build an easier connection with the kid’s surrounding and better communication with the shooting session we suggest you some solutions you better take notice in case of having a perfect resolution.

Third: Communication

We follow one district rule, and that is for the kid to spend a good time in our shooting session. Having fun and playing around makes children to trust the environment and to be confident that leads everything to our expected result.

Fourth: Equipment and props 

We have a large selection of props used for setting. Although we follow a minimal approach doesn’t mean we’re lacking in decoration. Creative looks and themes are used for various events like for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, spring, summer … etc.

Events photography in particular is a sensitive subject for our team to be discussed every season.

Fifth: Lighting 

Photography is capturing the light, And if its one thing we claim to be expert in, is our balanced lighting. Just to educate yourself on Bonsai photography artworks watch out portfolio right here.

Kids photography is a memorable experience for both kids and their parents and of course our lovely job to be there for you.

Nowadays that everyone owns a nice camera you quite can see not everyone’s capable to get great quality and nice photo shoots and that’s why you’re hiring us as professionals, you’re hiring knowledge to obtain a package of artworks in about two hours.

Bonsai Photography studio has a distinct resume and background (click)

our skilled photographers will not do child photography with trial and error method. We collect beautiful moments of each child focusing on their unique actions and characters.

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